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About Our Attorneys

At Clark & Clark, our attorneys are former prosecutors with the experience and skills to aggressively defend you in court. From representing you during the initial investigation, through the final resolution, we aggressively pursue the best possible outcome. Our attorneys pursue every avenue of defense to return a “not guilty” verdict. We will never try to settle, or cut a deal, unless it is in your best interests and the results would be too good to ignore.

Attorneys at our Freehold, NJ criminal defense law firm have handled hundred of trials and more than 100 felony jury trials and have experience defending individuals against serious criminal cases involving municipal, state and federal crimes. We operate on a “trial first, negotiations second,” premise. The stakes in every criminal case are high. No matter how the evidence seems to stack up, we believe there is ALWAYS a defense worth pursuing.

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I have always had an interest in the criminal justice system. I firmly believe in the constitutional principles that are the pillars upon which our criminal justice system has been built.

As a criminal defense lawyer, I really feel strongly about protecting my client’s rights, ensuring that the State has sufficient proof to even charge my client and protecting my client from being pressured into sacrificing his constitutional rights.

Charles F. Clark, Senior Partner, Clark & Clark, LLC

All of our clients can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our office or cell phones. You will be in direct contact with your attorneys who will remain available to answer any questions that you may have and provide any necessary counsel until your case is firmly resolved. Our lawyers have spent their entire careers in the courtroom and will give you the peace of mind and confidence that you need while we successfully defend your case.

Whether you are facing your first drug possession charge, or have been arrested for a serious drug or federal drug crimes, let us use our experience to protect your future. You owe it to yourself to contact a New Jersey criminal defense attorney at our firm today for a free consultation.


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