Drug Manufacturing and Trafficking Charges

Are you facing Drug Manufacturing and Trafficking criminal charges in New Jersey?

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Manufacturing and trafficking of heroin, methamphetamines, Ecstasy (MDMA), and other controlled substances are among the most serious crimes a person can commit. Like other states, New Jersey takes a very dim view of drug manufacturing and trafficking, and district attorneys tend to prosecute these cases much more aggressively than simple drug use or drug possession based on the theory that manufacturers and traffickers are more likely to be major organized-crime players as compared to street-level distributors and drug users.

If you have been charged with Drug Manufacturing or Drug Trafficking in New Jersey, you need an experienced attorney — an attorney who knows how to work with prosecutors as well as how to prepare a strong defense on your behalf.

You Can be Charge with Manufacturing Even Just for Measuring Drugs

Some drugs are more easily manufactured than others, which means that drug manufacturing charges are more likely to be leveled for marijuana, which is “manufactured” by growing it in your backyard or in a greenhouse, and methamphetamine which can be produced in home laboratories from drugs obtained over-the-counter.

Manufacturing charges also apply to facilities where heroin is “cut” for street distribution, or where crack cocaine is portioned out for sale. Other drugs (such as Ecstasy) are more commonly manufactured overseas, making a manufacturing charge in the state of New Jersey less likely.

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You do not have to have transported large quantities of a drug across state lines, or to sold (or to be caught buying) an entire suitcase of heroin in order to be charged with drug trafficking in New Jersey. This is where the lines separating drug possession, drug distribution and drug trafficking become very ill-defined and hiring an experienced attorney can help you. For example, if you’re caught holding (possessing) more than five ounces of methamphetamine, the authorities can charge you with possession, intent to distribute, or trafficking, depending on other details of the case.

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