2C-B (Nexus, Venus, Bees, Toonies)

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Drug Information About 2C-B

Street names: Nexus, Venus, Bees, Bromo, Toonies
Drug Classification: 2C-B is a Schedule I substances in the US with no recognized medical usage. It is illegal to produce, buy, posses, or sell without a DEA license.

General Drug Information

2C-B 1000mg of 4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine2C-B is a synthetic psychedelic drug that gained popularity as a legal MDMA replacement during the 1980’s. The drug is known for its strong visual hallucinations of waves, patterns, textures, and color shifts, and for producing intense physical effects that some users find pleasurable while others describe it as an irritating body-load or “buzzing” sensation.

Many users find it to be a gentler experience than other hallucinogens, like mushrooms or LSD, with less instability and disassociation from reality and thus decreased potential for a “bad trip.” While it was marketed as an MDMA replacement, the odds of accidentally or unintentionally ingesting 2C-B today are low, since the drug itself will garner a higher price and is pursued for its unique effects.

2C-B is a white powder and is found in small pills or capsules with color varying from white to red gel-caps, or in powder form, with color white or orange. It is generally ingested orally. Some users seeking a more rapid onset of effects snort (insufflate) the drug, though this method of administration is notorious for its incredibly high degree of pain.

Street 2C-B is generally more pure than other drugs such as MDMA, since the substance is being sold to a smaller, more knowledgeable market. That being said, the amount of 2C-B any given tab or pill contains is impossible to verify or know for sure. Those that use 2C-B have no information about what they are ingesting other than what comes from their source or drug dealer. 2C-B is very dose sensitive, and a few milligrams can create a major difference in effects.

Effects and Side Effects

The effects of 2C-B are said to be like a cross between LSD and MDMA, but nothing like combining those substances. While it has definitively “psychedelic” effects such as mental insights, introspection, and closed or open eye hallucinations, 2C-B is less disassociating and more clear-minded that LSD or mushrooms. And, while it has a definite stimulant mood-lifting effect, 2C-B’s effects in this regard are much less intense than those of MDMA. But the debilitating physical effects and feelings from MDMA are often absent the day after a 2C-B experience.

Low doses cause users to feel in touch with their emotions and commonly produce erotic feelings and increased tactile sensations. Higher doses are more likely to produce visual effects. Visuals can be geometric patterns, the “breathing” of objects or surfaces, or visual manifestation of music (a form of synesthesia, the blending or mixing of the senses.)

Sometimes experiences are so intense and overwhelming that users feel changed for days or weeks after use. If the experience was positive, it can leave a user with a pleasant afterglow and happy disposition. But the risk of having a frightening or out-of-control experience exists on 2C-B like any other hallucinogenic drug, and an intense “bad trip” can leave someone with lasting psychological problems, anxiety, or irrational and unfounded beliefs.

Many people do not enjoy the effects of 2C-B, especially its “body-load.” Physically, users commonly experience stomach discomfort, gas, nausea, or diarrhea. Another common side effect is increased production of mucous, which can cause coughing if it builds up in the throat or windpipe. The onset of effects or “coming-up period” is sometimes more unpleasant than the rest of the experience in some individuals, and may make the person feel cold or shivery. Chills and trembles are therefore a common side effect early on but may subside later.

2C-B can cause confusion, cardiovascular stress, and dehydration. In addition to those with mental or psychological problems, those with heart problems or diabetics should avoid taking 2C-B as it may exacerbate these conditions.


2C-B is not physically addictive and no withdrawal symptoms have been reported when usage was discontinued. The potential for psychological dependence or habit-forming behavior exists and is significant though the risk will be much higher depending on the individual. There is a short period of tolerance to the effects of the drug, generally a few days, which exists after ingesting 2C-B. The long-term health effects of 2C-B use on humans have not been extensively studied.


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