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If you have been arrested for, or charged with a drug crime in New Jersey, our lawyers can help.

We offer state-wide legal representation for serious drug charges.

Our attorneys never just accept a plea bargain unless it is in your best interest and you are satisfied with the resolution. We strive for a verdict in your favor in each and every case. Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined criminal trial experience. As former prosecutors, we have served in trial units where drug crimes comprised the majority of our cases. This experience allows us to see every case from the prosecution’s perspective. We know when evidence is weak, flawed, or missing and we know how to challenge a criminal drug case presented against you, effectively prepare for trial and negotiate when necessary.

Prescription Drug Charges

Prescription Drug Possession
Prescription Drug Fraud
Stealing a Prescription Pad
Distribution of Prescription Drugs
Theft of Prescription Legend Drugs

Drug Possession Charges New Jersey

Possession of CDS
Club Drugs – Use and Simple Possession of GHB, MDMA, PCP, Ketamine, etc.
Ecstasy Possession and Use (MDMA, X, XTC)
Heroin Possession
Methamphetamine (Ice, Speed, Crystal Meth), Possession of
Marijuana, Possession and Use
Cocaine Possession

Distribution, Manufacturing, Drug Trafficking of a Controlled Dangerous Substance

Club Drugs – Distribution of GHB, PCP, MDMA, Ketamine, etc.
Ecstasy – Distribution, Intent to Distribute
Heroin – Distribution and Drug Trafficking
Marijuana – Distribution, Intent to Distribute
Methamphetamine – Manufacturing, Distribution, Intent to Distribute, Drug Trafficking
Possession with Intent to Distribute Overview and Penalties
Drug Trafficking and Manufacturing Overview and Penalties
Distribution of Cocaine

Intensive Investigations Focused on Your Rights

Drug crimes cases in New Jersey will often turn on the presentation of evidence collected by the police through search and seizure procedures. We will examine the police reports, interview witnesses, and work with experts where necessary to challenge any illegally obtained evidence in your case. In the event that your Fourth Amendment rights were violated, we will seek to have the evidence suppressed in your case. This alone may result in a complete dismissal of the charges in your case.

Contact the drug defense and trial attorneys of The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall for a free consultation. We offer aggressive advocacy focused on obtaining positive results if you have been charged with a drug crime in New Jersey.